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Friday, June 3rd, 2005
1:43 pm - if i only could make a deal with god
so, being off hormones is weird. although i'm thinking more clearly than i have in months, and (after some concern that i'd lost it forever), my artistic ability (such as it is) is totally coming back to me. i've not exactly been mega-productive yet, but i feel as if i've beaten down the worst blockage-type-thing i've ever had, which is kinda nice. it's a good feeling to look at the page and see something i don't hate. speaking of artistic things, here's what's happening - soon (oh so soon)(ish) there shall be a website for my online evil, which is the oft-delayed and abandoned SPACE MONKEYS IN SPACE. with, y'know, small letters too. but yeah. three hyper-evolved simian morons and a belligerent supercomputer fending off cabin fever and giant alien SPACE CRABS in a sort of extra-intense, so-colourful-it-hurts-you, bi-weekly (ish) comic dealie. and at some point they'll get into a teleporter accident and end up hurled through a high-speed succession of a load of webcomics i hate. which'll be fun, 'cause, y'know, venus envy. piss and vinegar, how much does the woman leech off her fans? agh.

...and then second, and much (muchmuch) later, there'll be INDUSTRY (or, likely, a different name - i just needed something to call it for the time being - and god, i'm big on the APRUPT CAPITAL LETTERS today, aren't i?). this is the really important one for me - it'll ideally be a print comic running for upwards of 20 issues, and is all intricate and dense and scandalous, and i (humbly) think it's, like, queer without being the usual (slightly tedious) here-are-some-stories-from-my-life that a lot of nonstraight comics tend to become. it's something like action comics would be if i wrote them. whether that's a good or bad thing, i don't know. and finding a publisher should be quite the challenge, when the time comes. not for a good long while yet, mind.

erm... ooh, we have an exercise bike. i can get thinner while retaining my art-hermit credentials (they'd take my badge away if i went outside) and watching bleach, which is nice. even if it did get dragged home at the cost of aly's spine (sorry, babe!).

...and pride this year is 28-29th of august, which is rather excellent. i'll certainly be there on the sat and sun (have i mentioned how close we live to the village? mere metres, it is), so if anyone wants to hang out with us while (if previous prides are any indication) i'm drunk and running around like an idiot in six-inch heels, lemme know. it'll be THE AWESOMEST. i'm all excited.

aaand i'm spent. more babble to follow after coffee, maybe. suspense!

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Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
11:43 pm - the inevitable E3 post
so, within 24 hours we've seen the playstation 3 unveiled, and the nintendo revolution sort of semi-unveiled (although the second of its revolutions is apparently in the design of the controller, which they're keeping well under wraps). not to mention the xbox 360 'event' a few days back. so (and trying not to bore the non-videogamey), thoughts:

- the xbox 360 is obnoxious. i loathe competitive online gaming, and tend towards japanese and european-developed games, few of which are likely to show up on the 360. i've honestly no interest whatsoever in the thing. which is why it was so amusing when the PS3 conference so completely eclipsed the MS one.

- that said, microsoft did deliver what could be the most wonderfully, teeth-grindingly awful presentation i think i've ever encountered. for that i salute them.

- i'm very, very impressed by everything we've seen so far regarding the PS3. unlike everyone else in the world, it seems, i really like the new controller (especially considering how uncomfortable the dual shock is), the design of the system's nice (particularly if you see the black and white versions that'll be available at launch - i'm not sure quite why sony decided to show the silver one at E3) and there's no arguing with that much power, 1080i output and huge support from the big japanese, american and european developers.

- for all that the controller might turn out to be some sort of magic ethereal hovering mechano-squid, the bits of the nintendo revolution that've been shown so far are looking fantastic - i fully expected nintendo to back off from the big-numbers competition this time, and it looks like they have - the machine'll probably be quite a bit less powerful than the xbox 360 and PS3, but it comes with access to a complete online catalogue of every nintendo game ever. plus it's the only way to play new releases from nintendo, and to be honest, nobody does it better. and it's tiny!

- new zelda. ooh.

- oh yeah, we have a PSP now. it's just about the most impressive bit of consumer technology i've used, and i'm loving the mp3/video playback and the ability to read scanned/downloaded comics on it.

i really will make a real update soon. big, big things happening in my life, but all's good with both of us.

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
5:07 pm
so kerry fucking conceded. how stupifyingly pathetic.

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
10:58 pm - (lyric)
okay, so i kinda promised myself my next post wouldn't be a bunch of raving about a new videogame ('cause, y'know, moving flats, life getting really good, my job still sucking, etc etc blart. all these are things i should talk about. blart).


my shiny lovely ebayed copy of katamari damancy for the ps2 arrived today, and: holy crap. not a holy crap in a lookit-the-graphics geekslobber way or a, like, deep-and-meaningful-exploration-of-characters'-souls kinda way. it just strikes me as the sort of game you could sit absolutely anybody down in front of and have them love it. it's so damn accessible and emergently hilarious and utterly daft and fun, and it's so nice to see that in any form of entertainment these days.

monstrous sticky ball of doomCollapse )
...yes, it is good. anyone with the ability to play japanese ps2 games (which is, like, no-one, i realise) should totally pick it up now. and it's coming out in the us (for some reason) sooner or later, so everyone else should get it then.

um... real post about actual things that happened next time, i promise. lots to say. but for now; bed.

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Saturday, February 14th, 2004
2:40 pm
I'm sick of being shoehorned into the rainbow.

marriage might well be love, but it's also need, lust, stupidity, financial security, greed and a whole bunch of other things, and i don't see the point in romanticising it. it's not something shiny and new, it's something we should have always had. and forgive me for being a little cynical, but however many feel-good link campaigns are run, i doubt george bush is likely to start reading livejournal.

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Wednesday, November 12th, 2003
9:38 pm
Pirates fucking suck.

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
11:16 pm - the government substitute for meat
sanrio is insane. san-x is insane, creepy and completely adorable. case in point: kogepan. even more-so: what appears to be kogepan in drag on the right, and a plush cake (!) with kogepan in it at the bottom. i love this stuff.

current mood: perplexed, in a good way

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Saturday, March 15th, 2003
4:51 pm - my god, bless my soul, all i wanna do is...
Having had a few worrying developments and things as regards my Internet visibility, and thanks to kinda becoming aware of how heavily I'm likely to kick my own ass at some point in the future for making so much private information so public, I've just friends-onlyfied the whole journal (and murdered the other one quite dead). Take care, and watch out for earthquakes.



current mood: pleasantly blank

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